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A Complete Directory dedicated to the Welfare & Security of your Pets

What does this Directory have to offer
A complete directory of Pets Microchipped with us as well as Microchipped anywhere around the globe.

Registration of all pets microchipped around the globe.  For Registration, please contact

In the event of your Pet being lost, the finder can take the pet to a nearby Vet and have him scanned to check on the ownership of the Pet.  For security reasons and Information disclosure, only the mobile number and the email address of the Pet searched for will be displayed

Contact Details for Registering and Purchase of Microchip

Mumbai: Dhaval Bhatt from Poshpets - 98200 02660

Pune:      Derek Demitrius - 72639 00195

The Microchip can be sent anywhere in the nation.

For Members of Pune Pet Park, the Microchips are not chargeable and are a perk to their membership with us.

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